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Chances are, you’ve done so much online shopping you can do it in your sleep. We want your experience with us to be a breeze, so we tried our best not to interrupt the patterns you’re used to.

If, however, we are your first and you need a little guidance…Well, we’re honored.

If you know what you’re looking for, you can use the search bar. You can also filter products by brand, price and body part you intend to pamper from the shop page.

If you see something you like, click on it to get the details. Explore the tabs to find out more about the brand and the ingredients. If it turns out to be love, choose your preferred quantity and options, and put it aside by clicking “Add to Cart.”

If, alternatively, you immediately see something you just know you need in your life, feel free to use our Quick Shop feature. Time is precious, no need to waste it waiting for pages to load.

Out of stock? Well, sometimes you’ll have your eye on something that just isn’t there at that precise moment. That doesn’t mean it’s not meant to be. People don’t always pick up the phone, either. So do what you do when they don’t — leave a message. Contact us at [email protected] and we’ll let you know as soon as the product you want becomes available again.

To take a quick peek at the items you’ve selected so far, click the shopping bag icon on the shop page. From there, you can either “Continue Shopping” or see a more detailed view by clicking “View Shopping Bag.” There, you get to make changes to your selections if you need to. Change quantities, remove items, this is your show.

Once the contents of your bag bring you nothing but joy (see what we did there?), proceed to checkout just like you would at any old brick and mortar place. To replicate the experience of your favorite spot where everybody knows your name and order, create an account with us. Your checkout will be quicker, and you will be able to see the details and status of all your orders, past and present.

If you ever need our help when logging in, navigating our pages or doing anything else Joy Provisions related, please email us at [email protected]. We can even modify or cancel your recent order, as long as it has yet to ship.

All of your orders will be shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS). If you’re in the US or Canada, the shipping costs are on us for orders of $125 and over. Orders under that amount are subject to a flat fee of $7.95.

International shipping rates will be calculated at the checkout. Please note that your package will need to clear customs, in order to reach you. In some cases, that may mean additional fees imposed by your country, as well as possible delays beyond the original delivery estimates. For details, please contact USPS or your country’s customs office.

Unfortunately, we aren’t unable to ship certain restricted items to Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. That means we’ll have to keep nail polish and alcohol-based perfumes to ourselves. On the flip side, you’re in Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico. Those are gorgeous places. It balances out.

We are committed to being our best for you. In order to do that, we need to be just as committed to relaxing, recharging and getting inspired. That’s why orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will have to wait until the following Monday to be processed. Orders placed Monday through Friday will be processed within 2 business days.

We’ve taken great care selecting products that are kind to your beauty and your health, but also the planet. It wouldn’t be wise to stop caring now. For that reason, if any of your chosen items are backordered, we’ll hold on to the rest so we can send it out together, minimizing the negative impact of shipping on the environment.

Shopping for beauty products is not quite the same as shopping for textbooks. It’s harder online. We get it. Our returns policy was specifically created to eliminate buyer’s remorse. Remorse doesn’t feel nice. You should.

Changed your mind about a product when it was on your way to you? Return to us, unopened and unused, for a full refund or store credit, less shipping charges, applied discounts or value added gifts that came with it.

Got it, tried it, weren’t thrilled? Return to us, used by no more than 50%, for store credit, less shipping charges, discounts or value added gifts. Shipping charges on returns is on you.

If you change your mind, please change it quickly. There is nothing we can do for you after 30 days. Email us as soon as you make the decision.

Returns will not be accepted on discontinued or promotional items.

If your package was damaged, defective or plain not what you ordered, send it back to us and we’ll send you a replacement or issue a full refund. Your choice. Don’t worry, return shipping will be on us if there is mistake.

We will do our best to process your return within 2 business days. After that, please allow for an additional 7-10 days for the funds to appear in your bank account.

To avoid returns altogether, you can:

Take advantage of our sampling program.

Email us at [email protected] with any questions about the products, or even just to ask for advice.

You can also check out the FAQ section.

My skin is very sensitive. I often experience rashes and itching when trying out new products. What would be the safest products for me to start with?

First of all, you do need to scan the ingredients list for items you know for a fact you’re sensitive to. Aloe Vera is a wonderful soothing plant, but if you’re allergic, you’re allergic.

People with sensitive skin often react to essential oils, so avoid products that contain them. For skincare, try Kypris Elixir III, Root Science Bare Defense or Graydon Super Sensitive Skin Stuff. All of our makeup (that you’re not specifically allergic to) is great for skin like yours, soothing the skin rather than irritating it.

I break out very easily. What are the most lightweight formulas I could try?

Managing breakouts is about more than just not clogging pores. Try Root Science Pure Balance — the founder developed the line for her sister suffering from acne and it worked so she knows what she’s doing. Josh Rosebrook Active Enzyme Exfoliator to help get rid of dead skin cells. Kypris Clearing Serum to hydrate without clogging and support the skin’s natural healing.

I’m 30 and starting to notice my first fine lines. Anything you’d recommend?

For a truly age-defying complexion, you need to work on both tightening and brightening. We would start with Kypris Moonlight Catalyst combined with any of their elixirs. Mun No.1 Brighthening Youth Serum is a great alternative. Josh Rosebrook Cacao Antioxidant Mask is another brightening and firming favorite.

What products do you actually use?

Different things work for different people. That said, Joy Provisions’ founder Mimi always returns to Mun No.1 Aknari Brightening Youth Serum. It’s a simple formula, and it smells like heaven.

If you had to put one product in the bathroom of every woman in the world, what would it be?

Above all else, it would be a luxurious skincare product. That way, we’d all have the perfect canvas for our makeup to look amazing on.  If we had to choose one that would suit just about everybody, we’d go with Kypris Beauty Elixir III.

I am really uncomfortable wearing strongly scented products. Is any of the skincare fragrance-free?

None of the products we carry are synthetically fragranced, but the natural ingredients have scents of their own. While we think every single product we offer smells amazing and should be worn with pride, we have to say that those containing essential oils are the less subtle ones.

I am 45 and I like the idea of natural beauty, I just don’t want to miss out on conventional products and their industrial-strength effects. Do you think any of these clean products can produce similar results?

We can’t promise you’ll look 20 forever. We can, however, give you the tools to be the most youthful 45-year-old you can be. Many of the products we carry contain very active ingredients and are very effective at encouraging collagen production and cell turnover. Our minds immediately go to the holy trinity of Kypris Moonlight Catalyst, Antioxidant Dew and Beauty Elixir III.

Beyond skincare, what are the top 5 things you would recommend for any woman to get and stay beautiful, naturally?

Hydration, clean eating, limiting alcohol, kindness and a smile. Start with the smile, we hear it’s the easiest.

You’re saying all products here are clean. What exactly does that mean?

No ingredients that are known to be harmful to you and the environment. Sustainable sourcing practices. Probably not perfect — even our air isn’t — but definitely better than their drugstore counterparts by about a couple thousand miles.

Ultimately, finding a new, better favorite lipstick is the one of the most user-friendly ways to limit your exposure to toxins. It doesn’t take a complete diet overhaul or leaving the city behind. You’re not asked to give anything up. You just pick up a different tube in the morning.

I’m trying to get my sister into natural skincare, but she’s used to more popular and less clean brands that make her feel luxe. Do you have any birthday gift ideas I could use to get her excited about green beauty?

Get her a great lipstick! Alima Pure, Lily Lolo and Antonym all make lipstick she’ll be really impressed with, we promise. She won’t even know the difference! If you want to go the skincare route, we’d say a Kypris serum and a Beauty Elixir. They’re just unbelievably luxurious.

What are the not-so-clean indulgences you think are worth it?

The ones that bring you the most joy, of course! As long as you’re taking exceptional care of yourself 80% of the time, the other 20% are a judgement-free zone. Italian gelato? A spritz of a designer fragrance? A Kardashian or ten? It’s all good if you love it.

Why should I opt for clean beauty?

The real question is, why not? If clean beauty products are no more expensive, no less effective, and no harder to procure, why wouldn’t you choose what’s best for your health and the planet our children will live on? We can’t think of a reason.

We are convinced you will love our little shop, and love, as we all know, is a many-splendored thing. To make sure you don’t just hoard it all, we’re introducing our Refer a Friend program.

It’s simple. Log into your account and send an invitation to somebody whose smile you’d like to brighten. When they find something they adore and choose to purchase, each of you will get $15 in store credit.

Now you both get to do more shopping. A many-splendored thing, indeed.


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